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This man is absolutely amazing!

This man is absolutely amazing!!! My husband and I are deaf and he is so understanding! He even won't charge us by the hour because communication takes double to triple the time to communicate. We haven't even been to court yet but he has blown my mind with how willing he is to work with us and help us with understanding everything. He is very down to earth and personable, so easy to talk to! He even came in on a Sunday to sit with us and help us!!! I highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with what to do. We both appreciate him so much already. He really becomes a true friend who really does care

- Jennifer Consitt Conatser

I truly put my trust in him

Chris has been the best attorney. He has been so patient and understanding throughout the entire process. He got me a 12,500 settlement and some peace of mind In my divorce case. Chris also worked hard for me on a previous child support case with another great outcome. His prices are great to go along with his great work. You have to put trust in your attorney because we pay them to have your best interest in mind and I truly put my trust in him and I am so glad I did. Thank you Chris for all you do!!

- Shannon Osburn

I would recommend Chris to anyone

I would recommend Chris to anyone in need of an attorney! He is very affordable and flexible with payments. My favorite thing about him is that he cares! He will put his heart and soul into your case. Chris is very attentive and readily available with any questions or concerns you may have. Unlike other lawyers, he will respond quickly at any time of the day with a text or call if you need him and keep you informed so you're not left wondering what the next step is. I love how upfront and honest he is if your head is not in the right place. He's very down to earth and knowledgeable. If you need someone to handle a situation you're not capable of yourself... Chris is the man to do it!!

- Cmarie Melanie

He was absolutely fantastic

Me and my husband used Chris for my husband's recent custody case and can I say he was absolutely fantastic! He is very laid back and will tell you things straight. He is down to earth and an all-around great guy and an even better lawyer. He helped us settle things outside of court to save us time and money! I will be sure to use him for any future family matters and would recommend him to anyone in need of a good family law attorney. Thank you Chris for all the help!!!

- Ryan Laduke

Chris is an extremely hardworking and caring individual.

- Eric Kyser (Peer Endorsement)

I endorse this lawyer.

- James Wilson (Peer Endorsement)

I know he has my best interest

Chris has been amazing so far I would recommend him to anyone. Not only my attorney but he talks to you like a friend so your comfortable, I know he has my best interest!

Thank you Chris

- Christy Marie

Very understanding and patient

Chris is very understanding and patient. I deeply appreciate all the things he has done for me and my son. I would recommend him to friends and family going through a divorce.

- Shelby Humbarger-Johnson

Made the whole divorce process run smoothly

Chris French did an excellent job and made the whole divorce process run smoothly. I am very thankful for all that he has done.

- Eric Merta

A true honest lawyer

This is a fantastic law office! Chris French actually told me not to waste my money filing a motion that was unnecessary. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a true honest lawyer!

- Amanda Consiglio

Chris is awesome at what he does

Chris is awesome at what he does, I more than recommend him for anyone that need help with family law. He is very real, upfront, and down to earth.

- Jeannine Meyers

Very thorough and always prepared

Chris was great. He was very thorough and always prepared. He let me know what all of my options were and was upfront about everything. He was supportive throughout my case and was always available when I had questions or concerns. He always had MY best interests at heart and accomplished all of my goals. I would definitely use him again. Thank you Chris!

- Jolanda West

I endorse Chris French in all legal matters. He will put your needs first. He is the hardest working person that I've ever met. You'd do well choosing Chris French as your lawyer.

- Benjamin Ruttan (Peer Endorsement)