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A DUI conviction has the potential to follow you for the rest of your life. Community service, fines and driver's license restrictions are just a few possible consequences for convicted DUI offenders. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to uphold your rights in the Downriver, Michigan, area.

The Downriver Law Center has skilled attorneys who will use all available resources to defend your case. We will advocate for you and work in your best interests to secure the best possible outcome.

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Know Your Facts About DUI/OUI Laws in The State of Michigan

Michigan has two distinct impaired driving charges with their own definitions. DUI/OUI refers to driving or operating a vehicle under the influence and requires a tested BAC of 0.08 or higher. OWVI (Operating while visibly impaired) is a separate charge and is defined by visible evidence of impairment while operating a vehicle. An OWVI charge does not require a chemical test.

Whiskey glass with car keys nearbyAn experienced DUI law attorney from Downriver Law Center will often ask the following questions:

  • Did law enforcement stop you unjustly?

  • Are the Breathalyzer results inadmissible?

  • Were any blood tests taken, and were they done properly?

You don't have to feel helpless against your DUI charges. Hire a criminal defense attorney in the Downriver, Michigan, area to fight back against unfair prosecution.