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Criminal defense
to protect your future

No matter the nature of your criminal charges, you deserve excellent representation. Our attorneys at Downriver Law Center are ready to listen to your story, work with you to come up with a strategy, and give you the best possible chance to find a solution. You've worked hard to build a life for yourself; don't let a criminal accusation threaten your future happiness and peace of mind.

Allegations of domestic violence can have a lasting impact on your future – emotionally, financially, professionally. Defending yourself against these charges is important not just for today, but for tomorrow. Protect yourself from the long-term negative effects by seeking out aggressive and compassionate representation.

The legal system can be frustrating and stressful, to say the least. That's why our attorneys work with each and every client as partners on the path toward justice. As we hear your story and craft strategies that suit your goals, we explain the legal process to you and prepare for every possibility, including court. To us, nothing is more important than fighting for justice for our community.

Don't allow charges of criminal activity, including domestic violence and DUI/OUI, to hold you back when you need to move forward. If you live in Wyandotte, Woodhaven, Southgate, Trenton, or Taylor, Michigan, reach out to our dedicated criminal defense lawyers to get started on clearing a path for your future.


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guidance in divorce & child custody

If you're going through a divorce, you know how emotional it can be. For a smooth process, three elements are required: patience, honesty, and integrity. Unfortunately, it's never as simple as it sounds. At Downriver Law Center here in Michigan, we make it a point to help you navigate difficult family matters with confidence, patience, and efficiency as you move toward a brighter tomorrow.

We can help with sensitive matters involving spousal support, property division, and child support. When children are involved, it's important to take this process very seriously. You want what's best for your children, so our skilled attorneys will stand by your side, both in and out of the courtroom, as we seek favorable results.

If you are facing a child custody dispute, you're not alone. Many couples disagree on where their child will live, where they will go to school, or who they will see for medical care. Our goal is to pursue the child's best interests as we seek to reach an agreement. If you live in the Downriver area, schedule a consultation with our family law attorneys right away to receive the guidance you need.

At Downriver Law Center in Taylor, Michigan, we don't change our behavior or our level of preparation based on the situation. We will always strive to do what's right. As the proverb says, our attorneys strive to "walk in the path of righteousness, in the pathway of justice." It's simply what's best for families and children.